Rev. Dr. Barbara V. Thomas

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​My life has had many twists and turns and I have benefitted from this journey.  When I was young, I suffered from Asthma and my family tried all types of therapies to try to find help for me.  Finally when I was ten, Chiropractic was introduced to the family and I was on my way to a healthy life.  When I was in high school I decided I wanted to become a Chiropractor but because there were 6 of us, my family was unable to send me to college.  Realizing a need to serve and being Roman Catholic, I entered the convent after high school.  I spent 12 years teaching and began to "burn out".  A chiropractor for the sisters spoke to the President of the Chiropractic College and obtained a full four year scholarship for me to study. Unfortunately upon my graduation, I was informed by my community that a career in chiropractic while still in the community was out of the question. so I asked to be released from my vows.  I began teaching at the Chiropractic college while building up a practice in Bayonne, NJ.  That is when I met my husband Barney, who was in my first class.  At the same time, I began studying Metaphysics and Spiritualism and in a few years I received my degree in Ministry.  In 1980 Barn and I married and eventually had 2 children, Martin and Maureen.  Unfortunately, Maureen was born with multiple medical problems, so not only was our medical knowledge tested, but so was our Spiritual life.  At the age of 16, Maureen passed.  We began to become more fully involved in the Spiritualist Church doing services and mediumship.  We retired in 2013 to NC and continue to do God's work here.  Please click on Psychic Mediumship link to understand more fully what my work is..


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